exhibition dedicated to the maori people

skill-based patronage of the mikli diffusion france as part of the temporary exhibit “maori: their treasures have a soul”

in 2011, building on the success he met with the set-ups located in the collections area, Alain Mikli pursued his involvement with the museum. as such, as part of a skill-based patronage, Alain Mikli implements audio and tactile set-ups enabling the discovery of four tactile interpretations of artifacts representing the maori people as part of the temporary exhibition, “maori: their treasures have a soul” that takes place between october 2nd 2011 and january 22nd 2012. just like for the set-ups available in “la rivière” these set-ups come along with captions in braille and enlarged characters. on both sides of each panel, earphones offer an audio and musical content enabling visitors to discover the artifacts and to place them in their context, ensuring to everyone the best accessibility, whatever their favorite method of discovery is.

these artifacts will be then add to the audio and tactile setups in “la rivière” that now counts fifteen artifacts displayed on the five lecterns.

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mikli diffusion france - patron of the musée du quai branly
last exhibition - “maori: their treasures have a soul”